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Will be doing a review on the AKA Berkut 515

Mar 11, 2014 0183 32 I have a Berkut 515 with dual language menus coming It has both an English and Russian menu option I think this should have a lot of potential here in the US as it is one of their most affordable detectors...

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aka metal detector eBay

Nel Sharpshooter 95 x 55 Coil for AKA Signum/Sorex/Berkut 7 kHz Detector New...

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metal detector field test the aka berkut 5

The Berkut 5 is a lightweight metal detector, the detachable control box is a well presented module with clean lin All the plastic mouldings are very high quality, coil bolts, cables, arm cup, etc follow with the same standards of engineering...

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