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Design and fabrication of a flash dryer for the production ,

2 Design concept The objective is that the flash dryer system should be capable of producing industrial grade cassava flour or starch The material to be handled could include grated and dewatered cassava mash, starch cake, and fufu cake Out of these materials, the grated and dewatered cassava mash has the largest particle size...

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Software for Design and Analysis of Drying Systems

Simprosys, which represents a major step toward development of , Dryer design calculations, which include basic heat and mass balance calculations, and related calculations such as scoping and scaling up, can be used to specify the , some specific dryers such as spray and flash dryers Ideally, drying software should be a comprehensive ....

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PDF 6 Pneumatic and Flash Drying

Flash dryers can be used as a drying stage in more complex systems for instance as a predrying stage to a fluidized bed dryer batch or continuous or fluidized...

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Drying Software

They are Simprosys, dryPAK and DrySel dryPAK is a DOS-based software package which does dryer design calculations including heat and mass balance and drying kinetics calculations 2 DrySel is an expert system for dryer selection 3...

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Drying Software, Simprosys 30

As a design engineer, you can use Simprosys 30 to design drying and evaporation related plants Based on design requirements you can quickly layout the flowsheet and compute the heat and mass balance of the whole plant and obtain the necessary process parameters such as the air flow rate to the dryer, the capacity and power requirements for ....

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